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KO by Karina Ochis is the next generation branding company. Through elite consulting and high-end digital services, clients are provided with luxury products for brand management. The team of devoted professionals collaborate in providing a complete and discreet service that is time-effective, quality and client–oriented.

Branding is the venture of the future.

It is a decisive advance for any professional with the intention of:

KO Services


  1. Standard


    Standard Brand Book

  2. Silver


    Silver Brand Book


    Social Media

    Business Cards

    Maintenance (Social Media, Blog, Consultation)

  3. Gold


    Gold Brand Book


    Photography and Videography

    Social Media extra

    Print design

    Maintenance (Blog, Social Media, Reports)

  4. Platinum


    Platinum Brand Book

    Digital products

    Social media full

    Print design


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CEO and Brand Master


CEO and Brand Master

CEO and Brand Master at KO By Karina Ochis and Founder of Ana Karina Luxury Concept, Karina is the Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Published Author, International Speaker, Life and Brand Coach who entered the business world at only 19 with a ‘bang’. She was personally coached in business by JT Foxx (World’s #1 Wealth Coach) and counseled by George Ross (Donald Trump’s right hand man) who recognised her unique entrepreneurial flair.

Collaborating with world authorities such as Lady Mone (UK’s leading female entrepreneur) and Wayne Allyn Root (US vice-presidential candidate), she became the personal branding ‘it girl’, running KO By Karina Ochis. Her secret formula on elite branding is elaborated in Cracking the Code to Success – the book she co-authored with Bryan Tracy (Chairman of Bryan Tracy International and world – renowned development authority),  released in April 2017, in the US. She is currently the producer and host of Karina’s Branding Biz. Club. An Internatinal Speaker and Coach Karina has motivated and spoken in front of hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals around Europe and the United States.

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Branding Biz. Club is a YouTube show, hosted by Karina Ochis, CEO and Brand Master at KO By Karina Ochis. The program combines comedy, celebrities and human interest stories, as in each episode, Karina analyzes the strengths and weakness of famous personal brands, outlining useful tips and tricks for any entrepreneur.

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