Collaboration Steps with KO by Karina Ochis

Starting a branding or rebranding process for yourself or your company may prove challenging. However, contacting a specialized agency or working with professionals will certainly guarantee your success. Regardless the agency you choose to collaborate with, there are certain steps that both you and the agency have to go through. This will facilitate the partnership between the two parties. Collaborating with KO by Karina Ochis implies several steps which have to be accomplished. This is an amazing process set up by our agency that works perfectly, being tested on high-end clients from all around the world.

The first contact
The potential client finds out about KO by Karina Ochis through word-of-mouth or by entering the website to get a grasp of our products and services. The KO Team can also facilitate the collaboration process by being
contacted at Before starting the collaboration, the two parties have a meeting, whether face to face, online or by phone, in order to discuss the client’s needs.

The non-disclosure agreement
This previous step is followed-up by a non-disclosure agreement, a compulsory aspect in our further collaboration. The client will acknowledge the information he/she is allowed to disclose about the agency, but also about the process. This procedure also protects the information of the client.

The Offer
The client has the possibility to choose between pre-set packages or claim his/her own custom offer. If the second option is chosen, the agency sends the client an offer tailored to his/her needs.

Accepting the Offer and Making the Payment
As soon as the client accepts the offer proposed by our agency, the contract between the two parties is signed and the process begins. The payment is divided in 2 installments: 50% of the total amount is being paid at the beginning of the process, while the second transaction is carried out at the end of the contract, before the receival of the final materials.

The Brand Assessment
Regardless of the choice, the first and most important step in collaborating with KO by Karina Ochis is the Brand Assessment. The implementation of any other package or individual service requires a prior Brand Assessment, which includes but is not limited to: an overall market analysis, an overall competitor analysis (including online platforms and other means of promotion), a trademark analysis, a brand audit (which refers to evaluating the brand story, the brand positioning, an online evaluation, the existing materials and many more), a brand diagnosis (to help highlight the issues in your current branding approach) and additional features.

Keep in touch with your own Brand Manager
Furthermore, one of the most important aspects regarding the collaboration is the constant contact with your own Brand Manager who will keep you updated on material due dates, coordinate services and ensure your brand is on the right track. The Brand Manager will coordinate and be responsible for the entire process and you will be able to contact him/her at any time with any problem you might encounter or if you require additional information.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you consider we could collaborate or if you require more information about the process or about our high-end products and services.