Do Not Know Where To Start? Start With a Brand Assessment

Are you tired of `guessing` rather than `knowing for sure` what works and what does not? At KO by Karina Ochis we think life is too short for guesswork – especially when it comes to your image and brand. Identifying how your brand is perceived versus what you think it represents, can be quite illuminating. Assessing one’s brand is crucial for any future development. In short, the assessment provides you with an in depth perspective on your brand. The KO by Karina Ochis Agency begins every collaboration by offering a Brand Assessment.

Understanding the Market

KO by Karina Ochis assesses all brand related aspects, including, but not limited to: overall market, trademark and financial analysis, competitor analysis, brand audit and diagnosis. By purchasing this service, you will benefit from some amazing additional features, such as: an implementation plan and timeline, an estimative overall budget and a personalized collaboration arrangement tailored to your needs. Furthermore, you will even benefit from keeping constant contact with your very own Brand Manager!

Information is collected both online and offline. Firstly, the Agency scrutinizes your competitors’ behavior. You must first know the market before can you win over the market. On social media we analyze their interaction, what type of content they use and how they address the audience (voice and tone). The same approach is used in regards to websites, packaging and their overall strategies. Secondly, our firm analyzes other means of promotion – utilized by your competition – such as newsletters, Google AdWords or e-mail marketing. Depending on the requests of the client, we offer more complex researches and several other techniques you might have never heard of.

Your Brand Audit

As any specialist would tell you, auditing your work is crucial for your success – not just when it comes to branding. In many ways, a Brand Audit is similar to a financial audit, but in branding, not in accountancy. There are numerous aspects to be taken into consideration when conducting an audit such as: evaluating the brand story, its positioning in the marketplace, its UVP, evaluating target clients and having a website and social media reports. Moreover, the agency will clarify if your materials are congruent from a visual standpoint. Let us not forget about the SWOT analysis, which should present a concrete and precise picture of your situation. To figure out where your brand stands on the marketplace, you need to know your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, its opportunities and threats.

Brand Diagnosis

As any doctor would tell you, you cannot give a course of treatment if you do not know the problem. And if you are not where you want to be in life or business – you most likely suffer from a branding problem. Fear not, your Brand Manager will find the issue and skillfully solve it.

Concrete Report

Once all the information is collected, a report is outlined. Maybe there will be elements that need to be changed – added or even eliminated if not congruent with your image or beliefs. There is also the possibility of repositioning you, your product or your company on the market – maybe you will need a stronger strategy, a milder approach, or just a consultation.

Whatever you have in mind, remember that the Brand Assessment should be your starting point as it offers you all the necessary data to take your brand to the next level.

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